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Navigating the Aging Process in Stockton, CA

How can we help those we love as they begin to experience the changes brought about as they age? Older individuals are as unique and varied as younger people. Each person has a particular set of resources and challenges to see them through their elder years. Our Stockton, CA geriatric care managers can help them to make the most of their resources and overcome challenges.

Many people remain healthy and are able to take care of themselves with a little help well into their later years. What try to accomplish with our senior concierge services is to ease the aging process for those who are getting on in years and to assist those who love them?

Our Elder Care Mission

Our mission is to help families navigate the increasingly challenging health care maze for the elderly. As the people we love age, they are faced with challenges that can sometimes seem overwhelming. We are here to help you and your aging loved ones negotiate their changing senior care needs.

Our geriatric care managers emphasize medical, social, and personal needs of your senior loved one.  We talk with them and coordinate with you to identify what they need.

Whether it is some help with daily activities or assistance with medications or appointments, we help the elderly to age with dignity in an environment that suits their needs.

Promoting Independence with Senior Care Services in Stockton

Aging adults often have the capacity to maintain their independence with respect to their self-care. Taking care of themselves for as long as they can gives them a sense of achievement, especially when they are able to do things with minimal or no help.

Our Stockton, CA senior care managers ensure that measures are in place to preserve and promote self-sufficiency for as long as possible, to the highest extent possible. We coordinate our elder concierge services with various senior home care givers and doctors and help educate our elderly clients on maintaining as much independence as possible without compromising their safety.

Developing an Elderly Care Plan

Whether you live close by to your aging senior relative or across the country, we can help make caring for them less stressful for you and for them. No-one wants to feel as though they are a burden.  So, our geriatric care managers work with you and with your senior loved ones to develop a care plan.

The plan can be a specific response to something that has happened, like a fall that requires rehabilitation over a specified period of time. It can also be a general plan, designed to expand as required and to address as they occur, the changes brought about by the aging process.

We have qualified geriatric care managers to help with this process. A senior care manager collects information from both you and the person of whom you are concerned. A care plan is developed based on the elder person’s needs, wishes, and desires.

The plan must also take into consideration their financial situation and access to available resources. The first step of our senior concierge services is developing a plan is for your senior to have a comprehensive geriatric assessment.  Once done, the information in the assessment is used to outline a plan focused on current needs.

Based on the individual, it is possible that they may remain in their own home with the assistance of senior home care services. Alternative housing might be appropriate, like an assisted living facility or a nursing home.

Care plans for the elderly are tools that change as the elder person’s needs change. We coordinate with you, your aging loved ones, doctors, and caregivers to stay on top of their evolving needs.

The Spectrum of Care for the Elderly in Stockton, CA

There are numerous elder concierge services available for care of ourselves and our loved ones as we age.

Home Care is an option that enables an aging senior to stay in their own home. Our Stockton, CA geriatric care managers coordinate in-home care. Care may include assistance with medication, meal preparation, companionship, housekeeping, rides to and from appointments, and simple nursing tasks.

Adult Day Care is a supervised day program that addresses the cognitive and functional needs of impaired adults whether elderly or not. Services often include recreational activities, meals, transportation, and professional services.

Respite Care provides temporary and short-term care for elderly seniors with special needs. For instance, those with Alzheimer’s disease.  This is an option that is sometimes combined with other care.

Assisted Living facilities have independent apartments for seniors who need help and do not want to live on their own. They provide 24-hour staff coverage, meals, housekeeping, laundry, and transportation.  They also help with medication, and daily activities.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities provide care that ranges from independent living, to assisted living, to skilled nursing. As your aging senior’s needs change, elder care services are available to meet those changes within the same facility.

Skilled Nursing facilities provide room and board, personal care, supervision, recreational activities, help with daily living activities, and various types of therapy from physical therapy to mental and emotional support and therapy.  These facilities are designed for elderly care for those requiring skilled needs and 24-hour care.

Hospice Care offers services for terminally ill people of any age. If your loved one is terminally ill, they may receive services at home or go to a facility known as a hospice house. Hospice care, whether at home or in a facility, is focused on palliative care for controlling pain and preserving the highest quality of life possible in the situation.

The spectrum of senior concierge services for an aging loved one includes: home care, adult day care, respite care, and residential care. Residential care comes in a number of forms that include; assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, skilled nursing facilities, and hospice care.

A good assessment and care plan is the first step in understanding how to help your aging loved one to preserve their health, safety, and quality of life while preserving as much autonomy as possible at the various stages of their advanced years.

Our Stockton, CA senior care managers coordinate all the various people and agencies involved in the many choices available to your aging loved ones. Contact us today!