One of the most difficult decisions in anyone’s adult life is the realization that we are limited in how much we can do for our loved ones. The health needs of our loved ones can sometimes spiral out of control. Though people want to be there, they often lack the expertise, training, or the ability to do so. The new responsibility becomes to help our loved ones make the right choices; a reversal of roles that can be difficult and fraught with strong emotions.

Letting a professional handle the care of our loved ones can be one of the most difficult decisions we have to make. We may feel a sense of guilt as if somehow, we are letting our loved ones down, but often, it is the best option for the ones we love.

Assisted living gives you the peace of mind that you deserve while increasing your loved ones’ longevity and quality of life.

Having a team of experienced caretakers and health care professionals surround your loved one can increase their longevity. Professionals can intervene immediately in any eventuality, while providing an environment that will stimulate them and improve their life experience.

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities provide security, care, and round-the-clock healthcare supervision. Assisted living offers up a new lease on life for residents as they start making new friendships and are offered opportunities to develop their social networks.

Friendships are made, and a community feeling is developed that can help your loved one cope with the vagaries of age and infirmity. Assisted living offers residents a full life experience without the risks attached to staying home alone and provides a varied range of attractions and activities.

At Shelton Care Management, we are here to help those living in Central and Northern California take care of your loved one so that he or she gets to live his or her golden years to fullest.

Living facilities and regulations

Deciding that your loved one needs assisted care is difficult but moving forward once that decision has been made can be just as distressing. Especially when we hear the numerous scare stories and scandals involving assisted living facilities through the country. These stories can range from residents being wrongfully evicted to draconian laws that leave residents no choice in the care they receive. You may also have heard of abuse by staff, or lack of medical supervision leading to deteriorated health amongst residents.

The sad truth is that to date there is no unified code of federal regulations governing assisted living facilities. It’s up to the states to regulate facilities within their borders. This has opened the field to unscrupulous and predatory practices amongst some of the most profit-oriented facilities, to the detriment of residents and their families.

The statistics are alarming by their absence. Most state regulatory bodies are unable to give clear statistics on how many residents have been victims of critical incidents. Worse still, the definition of ‘critical’ varies from state to state. State regulators may not even monitor unexplained or sudden deaths. Unfortunately, the evidence proves that many state regulators have dropped the ball when it comes to assisted living, and federal intervention is long overdue. We can help take some of the stress away, when finding the right place.

Conversely, though federal funding for assisted living has increased exponentially, some 330,000 low-income Americans are being financed by the federal government, costing the taxpayers some 10 billion dollars. This increase in funding hasn’t come with any increase in quality control.

This perverse phenomenon of deregulation even affects the quality of care a ‘certified living facility’ provides. While some assisted living facilities provide a full staff of health professionals and care takers, some make do with caretaking staff who must only fulfill a 40-hour training course. While both facilities may be state certified, there is a chasm between the quality in the care they provide to residents.

Another more recent scandal around assisted living has been the forced evictions of residents. This is especially true for residents that used to be financed by Medicare (whose beneficiaries reimburse up to 500 dollars a day to the facilities) and are now moving onto Medicaid (reimbursing 200 dollars a day).

In 2015, some 9,192 were evicted, forcing the federal government to finally take a look at the issue. What makes these evictions even more tragic is that, in most instances, residents have the right to contest them, but their lack of legal savvy and the aggressive way in which providers intimidate residents favor the providers.

These many flagrant instances of abuse have made searching for an assisted living facility a nightmare for many families. At Shelton Care Management, we work only with reliable and certified providers and institutions. We vet our partners extensively and watch out for irregularities. We provide accountability and see to it that you get what’s advertised.

Help with Finances

We offer a comprehensive and professional approach to assisted living. Our experts assess each resident’s situation. We research our residents’ financial resources and burdens before making any assisted living recommendation.

Our team, in Central and Northern California, starts by analyzing the current healthcare needs of your loved one and anticipating possible additions in the future. We analyze the type of assisted living necessary for the prospective resident and orient them and their families towards the appropriate setting, whether it’s a small home-like setting or a bigger assisted living facility.

In some instances, our aging residents have the right to financial assistance from state and federal sources. Unfortunately, many families are either ignorant of these financial resources or are overwhelmed by the complicated process of demanding federal aid.

Our legal experts study the current financial and legal situation of you and your loved ones, and help you navigate the complex maze of state and federal laws so that you get all the financial assistance that you can. We ensure that your loved one can get access to the best care available, even if you’re unable to provide it yourself.

At the end of our in-depth analysis, we offer you a clear list of options that are adapted to your loved one’s needs and your financial situation. We will make a comprehensive recommendation based on your situation and requirements so that you don’t end up saddled with hidden costs in the future.

Shelton Care Management will help you and your loved ones avoid the pitfalls that are all too rife in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Our knowledgeable, professional staff provides comprehensive, up-to-date information to ensure appropriate care and integrity at all times.