Special Needs & Disability Support Services

You don’t have to go it alone.


Our Certified Care Managers are exceptionally suited to locate the finest resources for those with disabilities and special needs. As experts in Health and Disability Services, we are the liaison family members and guardians, financial advisors, attorneys, and health care providers need to create client-specific solutions to your unique concerns. Our goal is for our clients to achieve the greatest independence and highest quality of care possible in a cost-efficient way. We will advocate for you as we guide you to achieve maximum functional capability for you or your loved-one.


  • Managing medical and care protocols has become too complex
  • Time-consuming care needs are overwhelming
  • Support providers and physicians’ orders are inconsistent and uncoordinated
  • Federal, state, local and insurance resources may be available to control costs
  • You’re exploring the options of concierge home services vs. placement
  • Communication is ineffective between family members and/or service providers


Again, I very much appreciate your service. Heidi did an outstanding job in attending to details with [my brother] and was very professional at every turn as she interacted with him. You both are clearly very caring individuals and it showed.

- Brother of client

Patricia & Katie – thank you for being the “angels of care” that you became for our Mom. She came to understand that she was more than well cared for under your umbrella of experience. The flowers you sent [my sister] and I were absolutely beautiful! Again thank you.

- Daughter of Client

Patty, thank you so much for making everything happen during my last trip to CA…I know without you it would have been impossible…

- Client

Dear Friends, thank you for all that you have done for [my husband] & I. It’s been so nice just knowing you, Katie & Patty. You have both been so helpful. Also thank you for the lovely “Juicy Leaf” plant. It is doing very well here. Well my dears, thank you again for all the great help. Katie you made it easy for me. Fondly,

- Satisfied Clients

Dear Patty & Katie, Thank you again for all of your help and care. I just wish we had known of your services earlier. It made me feel so much more secure when I had to leave for home, knowing [my sister] had you guys available. Forever grateful,

- Daughter of Client

Patricia & Katie, thank you for the beautiful floral arrangements that you sent. It came as sunshine to hurting hearts. You are both such wonderful “care angels”!

- Client Family

Thank you for your services! We really appreciate it!

- Daughter of Client

Dear Patty and Rebekah, thank you so much for coming and participating in our ESL class job fair simulation. I so appreciated your sacrifice of time and the wonderful encouragement and feedback to our students. It meant a great deal to them.

- Colleague


As beloved family members age or become disabled, there are many instances when more than care from a family member is needed. Our Certified Care Managers are here to offer you guidance all along the way when you know it is time to locate resources for those with disabilities or special needs. Our goal is to provide you or a family member with the highest degree of independent living available.

Disability support services differ, and it is important to know one from another. We will advocate for you to help you remedy the situation in the best possible way. We strive for maximum functional capability when it comes to you and your loved one.

Senior and disabled services apply to different people and circumstances such as:

  • Adults aged 65 and older
  • Adults 21-64 who are living with a physical disability
  • Adults who have a difficult time carrying out normal everyday activities of living
  • Other support services

We offer services and knowledge regarding programs for those in the Fresno or Oakdale areas that are both in-home and supportive assistance and are alternatives to placing a loved one in a long-term skilled nursing facility. The California Department of Aging offers numerous and diverse programs that serve anyone in need of aging and disability services.


Adult Day Health Care

This is a community-based health program that provides services to older persons and adults with chronic, medical, cognitive, or mental health conditions. Those who have disabilities that risk needing institutional care are also covered.

Community-Based Senior Disability Services

The primary objectives of this program include restoring or maintaining optimal capacities for self-care to the elderly and others with disabilities. The goal is to delay or prevent anyone from being institutionalized against their wishes. We partner with you and your loved one as we all work toward personal independence.

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Programs here support healthy lifestyles which, in turn, promote healthy behaviors. These senior and disability services are provided through home-delivered meal programs, congregate meal sites, and multi-purpose senior centers.

Because chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and others can limit one's activities, this program seeks to help and reduce the risks of such chronic health conditions.

Family Caregiver Support Program

This program is available to family and other unpaid caregivers who support the elderly and disabled. Here, you will find caregiver information, access to services, counseling, and training support. There is also temporary respite for those who take care of loved ones on a daily basis.


Legal Assistance for those Needing Senior Disability Services in Fresno, Oakdale or Surrounding Areas

Senior and disabled services also include legal services for older persons, and those with disabilities who are in need. Inevitably, a variety of issues pop up concerning housing, elder abuse, consumer fraud, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicare, Medi-Cal, pensions, nursing homes, age discrimination, protective services, and more.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

The primary responsibility of this program is to investigate and to resolve complaints made by residents in long-term care facilities. Anyone can contact the state ombudsman on behalf of someone else. Aging and disability services here investigate elder abuse complaints. The goals are to receive and resolve individual complaints and issues by, or on behalf of, residents.

Multipurpose Senior Services Program

This program provides social and health care management for the elderly clients who are certifiable for a long-term nursing facility but who would rather remain in the community. These community services help to delay or prevent premature institutional placement for frail senior citizens.

The program is provided at a lower cost than nursing home care. Aging and disability services included here are housing assistance, protective supervision, chore and personal care assistance, transportation, and more.

Nutrition for those in need of Senior Disability Services

Often, this is one area where senior citizens and those with disabilities need improvement. This program serves Californians 60 years of age or older, with preference given to those in greatest need, economically and with social needs.

The Title III programs offer education for health promotion, opportunities for socialization, wholesome meal services, and hot meals delivered five days a week by a support staff member. Nutrition education is also provided.

Senior Community Services Employment Program

Also known as Title V, this service provides part-time, training opportunities for seniors and the disabled who would otherwise find it difficult securing employment on their own. Supportive services here include personal and job-related counseling, job training and job referral. Staff also educate employers that go along with the benefits of hiring older workers.

Senior Information and Assistance Program (I&A)

The I&A staff assesses individuals' needs and then links them to local services or provides referrals for them to programs in other communities. This is an aide to helping seniors remain in their own homes and maintain the highest quality of life for them. These aging and disability services are support services available in every community. The I&A staff will also follow-up to ensure seniors have obtained the services they were looking for.


These community-based systems of services provide ways to address functional limitations, maintain health and independence as well as promote access. There are a wide and diverse variety of programs here.

Community-based programs are here for you and your loved ones in order that they may benefit from daily outreach and a caring community as they strive to live each day.

Shelton Care Management has been serving the areas of Fresno and Oakdale for several years, and we understand that the care of your elderly love one is of the utmost importance. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about what we can provide for senior disability management services, please contact us today. We serve the areas of Fresno, Merced, Modesto, Oakdale, Riverbank, Stockton, and surrounding areas.