Senior and Elder Care

Don’t navigate the healthcare maze alone.


Growing older is just a fact of life. As our loved ones age, we start to notice things they should not or cannot do any longer. If you live far from the Fresno or Oakdale areas, it could make the situation even worse. How will your aging parent or spouse be taken care of when you are not there?

You may feel as though you are walking through the maze of senior and elder care options alone, but it does not have to be that way. Shelton Care Management can be your advocates for all senior and elderly care in every way possible.

Everyone deserves excellent care, whether they are living at home or they become a resident in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. We have the answers to all of your questions. Our senior care service and elderly home care services have you covered.


Deciding on elder care services is never an easy decision to make. You may have noticed things such as:

  • Situations with an elderly loved one have become too much for you to handle
  • Your own life’s responsibilities are too overwhelming to take on elder care for a loved one
  • Costs for medical and support care are sky-rocketing
  • Family members are not co-operating
  • You are looking at both in-home care as well as placement in a facility

There are benefits to having your loved one remain in their home, but it can also be a very exhausting endeavor for family members who take on this task. You must ask when is the time to turn to elderly care services, and are you doing the best thing for your beloved family member?

Simply put, elder care is the assistance to those who are elderly or infirm. It is provided by residential institutions, by paid daily help in one’s home, or by the family.

Often, family members are not able to provide the lasting support needed around the clock. They may come out for a weekend or even a week or two, then must return to their own obligations.

Also, there are the financial burdens. California Government programs will pay for certain services, but not for others. Which ones can you use and how do you know what is what?

Elderly care takes on many forms. Does your family member need skilled care or custodial care? Would they do best in an assisted living facility or do they need memory care? What is the difference between home care and home health care?

There is also the possibility of adult day social care or adult day health care. There is even such a thing as virtual companion care, where your loved one communicates through a tablet or computer and can interact with others so as not to feel alienated or lonely. This is especially good for elders whose family does not live in California anymore, or does but not specifically in the Fresno or Oakdale areas.

Questions abound and often there are no easy answers. What you need is information to make optimum decisions. To learn more about elder care services, contact us today.


Shelton Care Management offers skilled geriatric care managers who will sit down with you and discuss your situation. You will see all of the options available to your family member, explained in ways that are understandable to everyone.

What we seek above all is your family member’s autonomy. They deserve the best care in the best place. This is why you should contact us about all of our senior care services.

Many seniors do well remaining in their own homes. It is the place they want to be after all, and there are ways to receive assistance while they remain at home. Benefits include:

  • Your loved one remaining in the comfort of home. Home settings are often helpful in reducing anxiety and providing calmness for loved ones in early dementia. There is less confusion when a family member remains in their home surrounded by familiar things. This is the main reason that elderly in-home care is so important.
  • In-home senior care promotes confidence and independence. Seniors can move about freely and feel good about staying at home. This makes it easier to cooperate with caregivers, too. Senior home care allows your loved to receive personalized services while staying where they have privacy and feel safe. This does not come with living in a care facility.
  • Elderly home care offers one-on-one care. Seniors can receive undivided attention from their caregiver. In this scenario, caregivers are able to spend more quality time with your loved one. They understand and can take care of their needs and are more likely to notice changes which may be occurring.
  • Senior living care helps your family member to remain healthier. When living in one’s own home, seniors feel that comfort and familiarity of their home all around them. The stress of getting used to a strange environment is not there. All of their medical, emotional and physical needs are being met. Depending on your loved one’s medical needs, they may only require part-time assistance at home. There may be only a need for meal preparation or laundry services. We tailor all care plans to the medical needs of each individual.
  • Senior home care in Fresno, Oakdale or surrounding areas provide much-needed peace of mind for family members. Now there is no worrying if mom or dad is doing okay, living alone.


Senior care advisors make sure that family members become part of the care team. Often you do not live close enough to be there on a daily basis, but we know that families want to know their loved one is being well cared for.

Shelton Care Management understands the most important thing is to make sure that your senior loved one is taken care of and has everything that they need to get by. Our expertly trained geriatric care managers are here for you when you need them. We can guide you to the best assistance with local Fresno and Oakdale resources as well as senior care placement options. Watching a loved one grow old does not mean their life has to change for the worse. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with our senior care services. We serve the areas of Fresno, Merced, Modesto, Oakdale, Riverbank, Stockton, and surrounding areas.