Riverbank Senior Care Managers

Don’t navigate the healthcare maze alone.

Elderly Home Care in Riverbank, CA

At Shelton Care Management in Riverbank, California, we are dedicated to senior and elderly adults and to those who care for them.  We help seniors living on their own and elderly relatives living with family members with the challenges faced by senior citizens as they age.

Our geriatric care managers provide senior concierge services designed to helping aging seniors to live out their lives with dignity, as well as seeing that the people responsible for their care know how best to help them.

We help families and their elderly loved ones to assess their needs and to put together a plan that faces the challenges of elder care and the decisions that a senior and their family must face.

The Challenges of Growing Older

Many senior and elderly adults have at least one chronic condition, often brought on by the aging process. Our Riverbank, CA geriatric care managers know how to identify the elder concierge services necessary to help seniors deal with fatigue, pain, feelings of being unwell, depression, and the challenges of limited activity and social interaction. They help seniors and their families to face these challenges.

The loss of friends and loved ones, reduced income, and diminishing social connections can lead to feelings of depression and uselessness. Generally however, senior adults do not experience higher rates of depression than they did at other times in their life. Exceptions tend to occur in adults with more than one chronic condition, those with dementia, and those over 85 years of age.

Whatever the situation, our senior concierge services team is trained to help.

Riverbank Geriatric Care Managers Help You Live Well as You Age

Our geriatric care managers have backgrounds in nursing, social work, and gerontology. Helping aging adults to find value and meaning as they age is part of what they help senior and elderly adults to do.

A senior concierge services are designed to guide families and their senior members through the maze of services available to them. Elder care concierge services can help them to overcome isolation and loneliness. In-home elder care services can promote connection and help adjustment to new living situations.  Adult day care provides necessary contact and stimulation for the elderly while giving families a needed break.

If necessary, our geriatric care managers will recommend psychological intervention as an effective treatment for depression. Our Riverbank senior care managers attempt to find solutions to aging that do not always rely on medication.

What Our Geriatric Care Managers Do

Our care managers coordinate the tangle of family dynamics and senior adults’ wishes, to provide overlapping medical care and in-home senior care.

A geriatric care manager will typically:

  1. Evaluate needs of both an elderly person and their family.
  2. Identify elder care concierge services and coordinate various agencies that assist the elderly or provide services to the elderly, like in-home care management, or senior care services.
  3. Help families develop a care plan for their aging family members and discuss the plan with the senior members as well as their family.
  4. Communicate and coordinate with specialists, hospital and/or home care staff, and facility staff, if the elder adult is in a facility.
  5. Recommend senior in-home care options.
  6. Identify potential financial, medical, and legal problems, and suggest ways to circumvent difficulties.
  7. Help with moving an elderly person to assisted living, a nursing home, rehabilitation facility, an Alzheimer’s care unit, or another facility.
  8. Coordinate with agencies providing senior and elderly care.

The Riverbank elder concierge services are focused on what needs to be done for the senior person and his or her family. Once a baseline is established, a senior care manager is able to identify a change in an elderly person’s needs and talk with the family about those changes and how best to address them.

Let Shelton Help You

Upon meeting a new elderly client for the first time, one of our senior care managers will perform a thorough assessment of the family and their elderly loved one’s needs. The assessment takes into account a range of relevant issues including the elderly person’s health and current living situation, everyday activities, nutritional status, safety considerations, financial situation, and health history.

After an extensive assessment, our care manager will outline a plan of action that takes into consideration your family’s needs and your elderly relative’s needs and wishes before making recommendations consistent with those findings.

Recommendations may include senior in-home care services, safety retrofits in the current home, or a change in housing to provide more extensive care. Whatever the recommendations, they will be thoroughly explained and tailored to meet the needs identified in the assessment.

A care plan is a tool to address the situation of an elderly person at a given point in time. It will change as the needs of your aging loved one change.

Help For Your Loved Ones

The Riverbank geriatric and senior care managers offer a wide range of elder concierge services including identifying changes in an elderly persons’ health, living situation, safety requirements, and legal and financial needs.

To understand an elderly person’s continuing needs, our senior care manager sometimes accompanies a client to doctor’s appointments, so they can organize records and ensure they are up to date. A doctor can give information to the care manager who can then help the care staff understand and adhere to medical orders.

If necessary, senior care mangers can connect families with financial aid and help with applications for programs like Medicaid and Veterans Administration benefits, as well as identifying local and community-based assistance in the Riverbank area.

At Shelton Care Management, one of our primary objectives is the mental and physical well-being of our elderly clients and their families. To that end, we focus on helping our elderly clients to find opportunities for social involvement and recreational opportunities in Riverbank.

Let our professional geriatric care managers ensure that your loved ones have a safe living environment by conducting a safety assessment and making recommendations for adaptive equipment, home modification, or a change in living situation as part of a customized care plan.

Our recommendations always consider a client’s unique care needs, their budget, and their personality. Our senior care managers are dedicated to finding living situations that acknowledge all these important considerations. Contact our team of senior care managers today.