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Geriatric Care in Oakdale California

Today’s world is often a difficult place for elderly people and their families. Navigating the maze of elder care services has become increasingly difficult, even with the help of loved ones.  Staying abreast of the various agencies for elderly home care, various senior care services, and possibilities can be overwhelming.

At Shelton Care Management in Oakdale, we advocate for seniors and the elderly, and we help to find the best senior concierge services available.

Oakdale Geriatric Care Managers

Our experienced Oakdale geriatric care managers are professionals with backgrounds in nursing, gerontology, and social work, who specialize in helping families meet the needs of their aging loved ones.

We begin by assessing the specific needs of a family caring for an elderly relative as well as the needs and level of care necessary for the continued health of the senior family member.

Our Oakdale elder concierge services help your family to plan care and navigate the various options available. We can assess the situation to identify current needs and look at possible solutions, as well as periodic assessment for changing requirements.

Why Trust our Oakdale Senior Care Managers?

At Shelton Care Management, we help you to make informed decisions. We help you to navigate the medical system, find caregiver support, or advocate for your elderly loved ones living in a facility.

Making Informed Decisions

The first thing our geriatric care manager does is assess your senior loved one’s current needs which often includes a safety evaluation of their living situation and recommend the best steps to take.

For instance, an elderly person may be capable of staying in their home with some home modifications, home care management, and home care. We help families to assess and face the various steps necessary to keep their loved ones safe and living the life they want for as long as possible.

We also help families to navigate the difficult road into old age. Our senior concierge services can help smooth transitions between help in the home, to assisted living, to hospital or nursing home care, or end of life care.

Understanding the Medical System

Our Oakdale geriatric care managers are well versed in what is available in terms of elder care services.  To thoroughly understand how a patient is doing, a geriatric care manager may attend doctors’ appointments and help you and your elderly loved one to communicate with health care professionals, making sure that doctors’ orders and recommendations are understood and carried out.

We also help you to receive accurate diagnosis for your loved one and help you to find the right specialist(s). Then, if necessary, we walk you through the evaluations necessary for a proper diagnosis.

We also help your loved one to avoid unnecessary hospitalization or loss of their autonomy before it is necessary.

Advocate for your Loved One Living in an Elder Care Facility

Our Oakdale senior care management team will coordinate all ­­­­­­­­­­aspects of a loved one’s move to a facility or simply visit the facility at different hours to check on your loved one’s physical care, emotional state, activity level, and social engagement. Our elder concierge services work to find a balance that suits both your situation and that of your loved one.

Find Care Giver Support

Our Oakdale senior care concierge services help family caregivers that are hands-on, and those who live long distances away. They gently help family caregivers pay attention to their own needs and can recommend sources of caregiver support in the Oakdale area.

They can also help you to find home management care or other beneficial services for a loved one still living in their own home.

Saving Money with Oakdale Elder Concierge Services

Whether you are hiring one of our geriatric care managers for a one-time assessment or ongoing support, doing so will lower your expenses and improve your elderly loved one’s care over the long haul.

Our senior concierge services help you to plan and avoid hasty decisions that may prove unnecessary, overly expensive, or both.

For example, if you are caring for a loved one at home, our senior care managers can help assess which senior concierge services are necessary and help supervise the care. We help with financial planning for future care, coordinate with your loved one’s power of attorney, and ensure that end-of-life wishes are known and in place. We help with information about entitlement programs and benefits for veterans, as well as elderly advocacy and ongoing assessment.

Our Oakdale elder care service managers are well qualified to help you with the care associated with your elderly loved one.  They are well versed in the problems associated with growing old and look for the best solution, or set of solutions, to help you care for elderly people dear to you.

Certified by an independent agency, these geriatric care managers are capable of managing all aspects of change that occur with aging adults.

Our senior care managers also provide much-needed continuity over the range of transitions necessitated in the care of the elderly, including coordinating with multiple professionals to ensure that the need for a transition is recognized promptly and implemented smoothly.

The team of senior care managers are able to handle a specific health situation, like a transition to a rehabilitation facility as the result of a fall, or a change necessitated by a new diagnosis.

In particular, our elder concierge services can help with all aspects of Medicare, Medicaid, hospital stays, rehabilitation centers, home care and end of life care, as well as insurance issues with both private pay and long-term care insurance.

So, if you need to discuss difficult topics and complex issues, want home visits and coordinated services for an elderly loved one, and/or to address emotional concerns, we can help.

Making an assessment of needs allows us to help you make both short and long-term plans. If you like, our Oakdale geriatric care managers will be with your family every step of the way.

Whatever your needs, our staff is here to help. If you are living in the Oakdale area and need some help sorting through what’s best for an aging relative, Shelton Care Management is here to help. Contact our office today.

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