Modesto Senior Care Managers

Don’t navigate the healthcare maze alone.

Caring for Aging Loved Ones in Modesto

Navigating today’s heath care system is difficult at best. Whether you live far away from aging loved ones or simply around the block, we can help if they are having difficulty getting the senior care they need.

Our professional Modesto geriatric care managers can help with identifying what is needed and make it happen. We provide experienced senior care managers well-versed in advocating for your aging parents or other elderly loved ones. Our team is committed to respecting the autonomy of the elderly while coordinating their elder concierge services, including support services, medical appointments, and socialization opportunities.

Our Modesto senior care professionals liaison with local resources and research placement options. We ensure that your loved one receive excellent care that is consistent with their needs. An individual geriatric manager monitors their situation and care and notifies you if their needs change.

What Can Our Modesto Elder Concierge Services Do for You?

Managing the care of aging relatives is difficult in the best of circumstances, and doubly so from a distance. Ensuring that doctors and other care givers communicate about the needs of your parent or relative is critical if they are to receive the best possible care. Coordinating this can be overwhelming.

Our Modesto geriatric care managers provide you and your family members with the elder concierge services needed. Our assessment of your senior’s situation helps families to decide what sort of care is necessary. We help you to decide initially, then continue to monitor their situation to ensure that if and when their needs change, we are there to help them through those changes. In-home senior care services are often adequate but, as needs change, more extensive care may be required.

Senior Care Personal Needs Assessment

Our Modesto senior concierge services help your family to understand the individual needs and desires of your loved ones. Older individuals are unique. Understanding the actual physical, mental, and social needs of an elder person within the context of their financial and legal resources, and health situation, is the first step in managing their elderly care.

Determining whether or not your elderly relative can stay at home and receive the care they need, then coordinating that care with the various agencies that provide for elderly home care, is part of the first step. If that proves to be impossible and they need a different type of care, our Modesto geriatric care managers can make it happen.

What is an Elder Care Assessment?

In order to develop a care plan for your elderly relative, it is necessary to assess their ability to remain independent. This means understanding their strengths and weaknesses, as well as identifying any areas of concern.

To do this, our senior care managers in Modesto conduct a comprehensive geriatric assessment which is designed to evaluate your loved ones medical, mental, physical, social, environmental, and financial resources. The evaluation helps to determine your elderly relative’s capabilities. Once completed, the assessment is used as a baseline for developing an individual care plan.

The assessment looks at an elderly person’s ability in terms of their functional, physical, cognitive, mental, environmental, and financial health.

Functional health is determined by a senior person’s ability to take care of themselves and perform daily activities such as; dressing, bathing, shopping, cooking, eating, and so on.

Physical health is assessed with respect to their abilities to get around, their medical history, continence, hearing, vision, etc…

Cognitive and mental health is assessed with respect to your elderly loved one’s levels of anxiety, depression, or paranoia, as well as cognitive abilities and be able to remember things like turning off the stove.

Social health is measured by the elderly person’s interest and ability to socialize with friends and family as well as interest in making a new friend now and then.

Environmental health has to do with how well an elder’s living space supports their needs.

Lastly, financial health considers things like financial resources, the ability to manage finances, and advance medical directives.

Once the assessment is made, it becomes the basis of discussion for a preliminary or comprehensive care plan designed to receive the most from our senior concierge services.

Custom Care Plan

You will have the help from one of our Modesto geriatric care managers with creating the right care plan that addresses the senior care needs of your loved ones, while respecting their autonomy to the highest extent possible.  Long-term care plans are best as they help everyone in the family prepare for the changing needs of aging relatives.

We know the top care providers in Northern California and can help you with choosing the best senior concierge services available. Whether you are looking for a home health care agency, assisted living facilities, nursing home, or rehabilitation facilities, we assure care continuity across the wide spectrum of alternatives and senior care givers.

In Summary

Elder care is based on the needs, wishes, and desires of your elderly relative as well as their financial situation and their access to available elder concierge services. Our Modesto geriatric care managers base their recommendations on your senior’s current needs along with any required treatments like medical, psychiatric, or physical therapy. Housing requirements are also considered. Our senior care managers make optimal use of resources in the elderly person’s community once a plan of action is established.

The elderly are individuals who often want to remain as autonomous as possible. If the assessment indicates that an aging loved one can remain in their own home with some assistance, then our geriatric care managers help set up the appropriate senior and disability services team.

If this is not possible and alternative housing is necessary, then we focus on what type of housing is appropriate. Some elderly may require assisted living facilities or a nursing home; others, adult day care. Whatever care is necessary or becomes necessary, our elderly care managers are here to ensure that everyone is focused on what’s best for the elderly person you love.

We are also committed to identifying changes and recommending different care should that become necessary.

Our mission is to help your loved ones to find their way through the maze so that they get the care they need and deserve. Contact Shelton Care Management today to learn more.