Merced Senior Care Managers

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Growing Old in Place in Merced, CA

As we age, our needs change, but that does not mean that we have to lose our autonomy.  If you, or an aging family member need help, contact us. Our professional geriatric care managers offer unique senior concierge services and experience in assessing, monitoring, and coordinating care options. We advocate for our aging population in Northern California and are committed to helping people maintain their autonomy by realistically assessing abilities.

We provide the expertise necessary to liaison with local resources and, if necessary, we can help you with placement options. If you or your loved ones wish to stay at home but need senior home care help, in home management, senior living care services, or some combination of options, our Merced, CA geriatric care managers can help.

Whatever the situation, we help the elderly to transition into old age with the lifestyle changes that naturally occur. Our goal is to allow people who wish to live out their lives in their own home to do so.

Our Merced elder concierge services coordinate with the appropriate medical and social services, as well as ensuring that medical appointments are kept, medications taken, and opportunities to socialize are available.

Tips for Staying Healthy from Our Merced Geriatric Care Managers

Living at home for those seniors who want to and are able to do so is a wonderful thing. We support and respect autonomy and coordinate all the necessary agencies that support elderly home care.

Stay Connected – Our senior care managers have found that having consistent and regular social interaction helps seniors wishing to stay at home maintain and even improve their emotional health. Continuing to enjoy longstanding relationships and creating new ones is a great way for elderly people to stay healthy and engaged.

Quality Merced senior concierge services include coordinating social activity, such as walking with friends, or breakfast at a local café. Sending letters and emails and looking forward to phone calls from family and friends are wonderful ways to stay connected.

Volunteering Elderly people have a lot to offer. They have lived a long life and seen and done a lot. Volunteering, especially with the young, is a great way for them to feel connected and useful. A sense of purpose is important at any age.Our geriatric care managers encourage elderly people who can to volunteer at a local school or library.  They can help children by reading to them or simply listening to them. Daycare centers are also great places to spend your time helping out and absorbing all that youthful energy.

Learn Something New Our brains may slow a bit as we age, but if we engage them it is amazing what happens. Community agencies help the elderly to find activities where they can learn something new and make new friends along the way. Our geriatric care managers ensure that what is available in the community is made known and available to seniors living at home. Exercising the brain and the body is a great way to ensure a long and productive life. And we are there every step of the way offering our senior concierge services to make sure things happen the way you want them to.

Resolve Conflicts – as we age, unresolved conflicts and regrets can threaten our peace of mind. Our Merced, CA senior care managers have found that it is important to encourage the elderly to reach out and resolve anything that may be a problem to them.There are many ways to do this. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of cutting losses and accepting something as it is. The elderly are often prone to depression, and moving past long-standing conflicts can improve mental health, however it is achieved.

Exercise Regularly – walking is an efficient, low-impact, aerobic activity that seniors living at home should do every day. Walking outdoors helps the heart while increasing mental health by reducing anxiety and instances of depression.Have you ever noticed cats and dogs when they get up? They always stretch. To maintain mobility, keep muscles loose, and improve range of motion, seniors who can, should stretch often as part of a daily routine, especially in the morning and at night before going to bed.

Coordinating Senior Health Care Professionals

If you, or someone close to you, is growing old at home, it is important to have one of our Merced, CA geriatric care managers coordinate medical needs and preventive measures necessary to maintain the best possible health.

Scheduling and keeping routine doctor visits or screenings, checking on cholesterol and blood pressure levels help to indicate what, if any, measures need to be taken to ensure elder health.

Flu shots, eye exams, visits to the dentist and dermatologist are all important, and just some of the elder concierge services we offer. Coordinating home management for an elderly person is crucial to their continued wellbeing.

Modifying a Home to Allow Aging in Place

Our geriatric care managers can help you or your elderly relative to assess the modifications necessary to make an elderly person’s home accessible and safe. The two major considerations are: recognizing that aging is a progression, and projecting how needs might change. Understanding what assistive technologies are available is also helpful and useful in the planning process.

Our Merced geriatric care managers can help you to determine what modifications are necessary now and are likely to be needed in the future.  They can also help you to navigate the various senior concierge services available to help pay for the project.

Aging in place is an increasingly popular option for elder care. It has many advantages for a person who has lived in one place for a long time. Our goal is to help seniors who opt for staying in their own homes to do so safely. To that end, we spend time coordinating all the various aspects of their care from shopping to socializing to doctor’s appointments. If an elderly person’s choice is autonomy, and that is possible for them, our team of geriatric care managers ensure that it happens. Contact our office today.