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Growing Old with Grace in Fresno, CA

Getting older means transition and change, but that is nothing new.  Life is a series of transitions and changes. As we age, however, our concerns can become paramount. If left unchecked, uncertainty and fear can become a huge part of an elderly person’s life. Exploring the various senior concierge services available to an aging loved one is the first step in developing a care plan that allows an elderly loved one to grow old with grace.

Finding the right option for an elder loved one can be a sudden necessity resulting from an accident, a diagnosis, or hospitalization, or it can slowly become a reality. Our Fresno geriatric care managers understand that providing care for someone can change in a moment.

That is why our professional geriatric care managers want to help you with the many, many tasks and things to consider in an organized way.  As things change, so does a care plan. With our senior concierge services, we can help you meet new, sudden needs or slower emerging needs as they occur.

Identify Elder Care Needs & Set Goals

Types of care vary, including home, senior care facilities, assisted living, and full nursing facilities. If you live a distance from your aging relative or are simply incredibly busy, ensuring that their elder concierge services care is appropriate and satisfactory to all parties can be challenging. This is where our geriatric care managers excel.

The first step in assessing the elderly persons’ situation is to determine if the current level of care is sufficient or needs to be augmented. If they are living in their own home or in assisted living, are they able to look after themselves adequately?

This assessment helps our Fresno geriatric care managers to understand your priorities with respect to your aging loved one. Your loved one’s immediate health and well being are of the utmost concern when choosing our Fresno senior concierge services.

Develop an Elder Care Plan

Our elderly care managers can also help with longer-term goals like advanced care should it become necessary. Rectifying health matters is the priority. Understanding long-term objectives like financial considerations, and estate and funeral planning also need to be addressed with our elder concierge services.

Proactive planning helps everyone to understand what is needed, what is wanted, and what resources are available to maintain the senior care necessary.

Should you wish, one of our Fresno geriatric care managers will assist in all aspects of organizing, monitoring, and facilitating your elderly loved one’s care. Medical, legal and financial professionals, as well as social workers, therapists, and benefits counselors are all part of the team of professional’s necessary to make the best care possible.

Remember that a plan for care is evolving. Perhaps your loved one does not currently need a plan, but putting the various pieces in place early saves time and stress later.

Our elder care managers are continually assessing and updating their senior concierge services as necessary. Medical records and medications change, as does health information and legal documentation.  As they change, so does the plan.

What Does a Fresno, CA Elder Care Manager Do?

Our geriatric care managers integrate health care and psychological care with other services needed by our elderly population. From senior home care services, nutritional services, assistance with activities of daily living, socializing programs, to financial and legal planning our care managers tailor a plan that fits your loved one’s specific needs and circumstances.

Our professional care managers are available to help individual seniors, families, and other caregivers with adjusting to the reality of aging, or the challenges of a disability.

Specifically, they are available to:

  1. Conduct care-planning assessments that identify needs, problems, and assistance eligibility, if needed.
  2. Screen, arrange, and monitor in-home help and services where necessary.
  3. Review financial, legal, and/or medical issues.
  4. Provide crisis intervention.
  5. Coordinate with family members who live at a distance from their elderly relatives.
  6. Provide referrals to specialists when asked to do so.
  7. Monitor the well-being of seniors and elderly or disabled people under their supervision.
  8. Alerting families of any problems or changes that they need to know about.
  9. Assist with moving an aging senior family member to retirement housing, assisted living housing, a nursing home, or rehabilitation center, as required.
  10. Advocate for their aging seniors and elderly clients with various providers organizations.
  11. Educate you and your aging senior family member on the various options available at different stages of the aging process.
  12. Counsel and support aging seniors when appropriate.

The Goal of Having a Senior Care Plan

Having a care plan promotes communication and unifies the various efforts necessary to promote the right care at the right stage of your loved one’s aging process. A plan evolves as needs change.  Good solutions sometimes take some time to develop.

A comprehensive geriatric assessment, however, allows for good decision-making and provides a baseline for tracking changes in your elderly relative. This allows for taking the necessary steps to ensure their safety and well-being. 

Perhaps your loved one does not currently need an extensive care plan, but understanding what is needed, and beginning the process before an emergency forces the situation helps to save time, energy, and stress for both you and your elderly senior.

Understanding what someone needs to keep them healthy and able to meet each day is the goal of care planning. Thinking ahead is ideal. Sometimes, this is not possible. A fall occurs or a changed diagnosis necessitates a change in routine and care. If and when this happens, and there is not care plan in place, everyone must scramble to understand how to proceed.

If nothing else, encourage your loved ones to keep a current file of their medical records and insurance and/or financial arrangements. With this, if something happens, the fundamental materials necessary to make confident, good decisions are readily available to everyone who needs them.

If you are concerned about an elderly relative, or are elderly yourself, and would like to explore options for staying healthy and engaged, our team of Fresno geriatric care managers can help.